ALLAROUNDEVE - All around you


ALLAROUNDEVE is a mother-daughter duo - Darinka and Eva Ana Kazič.

We work as: - lecturers of protocol, business and visual communications;

                     - business, marketing and fashion consultants.


ALLAROUNDEVE started as a fashion media brand, working on building bridges between media and creatives, with a team based between Ljubljana, Slovenia and Paris,  In 2014 we launched a line of Allaroundeve handbags and accessories, which is designed by Darinka Kazic

Since then Eva Ana Kazic has ventured in the fashion and retail tech industry and she is currently working on the Enver authentication system. 




Eva Ana Kazic

Eva Ana started her career with styling and contributing to magazines with a younger demographic and is known as the doyen of Slovenian fashion and style blogging. Starting it before the popularization of the new media, she added brand development and campaign and editorial production to the mix soon after. Shiseido Senscience and Shayton Equilibrium are the first ones which showed her international ambition. Since then, she's been the key link in forming new partnerships, managing media releases and forming teams for individual projects.

Her opinion is well recognized internationally as she plays a credible role of a television commentator ambassador of United Nude shoes and FREYWILLE jewellery, a Tedx speaker, presenter, young creative's mentor and brand consultant.

From spring 2015 on, she is the fashion director of Styliff - virtual dressing room.


Darinka Kazic

Darinka's has worked in every field of fashion. Her decades long experience in luxury design and production solutions are complimented by lead roles in buying, fashion magazine production and fashion show production. She has since taken on a career in lecturing, couture endeavors and mostly – she's the creative director of Allaroundeve. She manages the design and exquisite execution of Allaroundeve bags.