Zino Touafek Couture: Divine

Date: 10/25/2013        Tags: Zino Touafek, couture, handbag, luxury

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If a dress is the most powerful weapon, a bag is the gun. 

Zino Touafek, a Parisian clothing magician feels just so as he, for ALLAROUNDEVE exclusively, explains the Z bag - the foundation of his upcoming couture brand to us. 

Place of birth? Paris, Montmarte.
Interested in? All. 
For? Worshiping the phenomena of the woman.
Cosmopolitical opinions: Disco, but chic.

He embraces the "wow" of glamour and goes for the basic instinct - being a woman. Picky, classic oriented and goodlife devoted, woman.

With the idea of the bag classic ready and set, Zino also visited Slovenia this month and exhibited the bag's best friend - the Z dress during Mesec Oblikovanja's (Month of Design) Identity project, curated by Eric Matyash.

What's next? Paris couture fashion week. Excited.

The set of pictures by Svit Pintar is shot in Paris, at the exclusive presentation on a warm night in Montmartre with Zino Touafek and Virginie Vernière.

The second set is shot at Month of Design by Luka Volk, including the ALLAROUNDEVE team, Eric Matyash, Valentina of Different Eyewear and MoD models.